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REAL Life Connection happens over meals. Eat, Talk, be present.


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Organize a Meal

Create and curate a meal experience, invite family, friends or colleagues



RSVP to meal, chat with host


Public Meals

View and join public meals, at home or while traveling




Memorable moments with family, friends, and colleagues happen over meals.

It’s the one opportunity in our busy everyday lives to unplug and enjoy conversation and food. This magical combination creates lasting friendships, strong business relationships, and grows communities.

Diner is a compelling mobile app that makes it easier to create more of those moments. 

Build your meal event through Diner:

  • Curate your guest list
  • Get excited about meeting new people
  • Put effort into creating the look and topic or theme of your gathering - guide the conversation
  • Enjoy and really engage - life happens over meals!

Our goal is to give you the power through technology to create real connections.  It is with this in mind that we built Diner.



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